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Private jet rental with crew from € 5,000 per flight hour

Rent a plane with a crew

Tired of unforeseen delays and flight cancellations? Tired of long queues at airports? In this case, private aviation will help you!

Private jet rental today is:

Fast: just one call to AiavTM to fly anywhere in the world.
Convenient: when renting an aircraft, you can choose the flight time and additional services. In addition, you are insured against unwanted proximity on board.
Reliable: all aircraft from the Cofrance broker’s base undergo regular technical inspections, and the ship’s crew undergoes qualification certification.
Traveling on business class aircraft will help you avoid a lot of bureaucratic formalities, save time and nerves, and be sure that you will be in the right place at the right time.

Частный самолет

By renting a private plane in Aiav TM, you will go on a flight on powerful modern liners Honda Jets, Gulfstream, Bombardier Challenger, Global Jet Dassault Falcon and others.

The company is responsible for decorating the ship to your liking, organizing a mini-office on board, delivering food from your favorite restaurant and much more.

Sofrance is an accredited air broker with an impeccable reputation, a member of the prestigious profile associations EBAA and NBAA, with many years of experience in the French aviation market.

Renting a private jet at AiavTM is the right decision because:

All employees of the company speak Russian, therefore, difficulties in mutual understanding are excluded;
Cofrance’s headquarters are located in Nice, which greatly simplifies the Jet rental process;
Cooperation with us does not end with the signing of the contract and the launch of the flight: Aiav TM controls the procedure for obtaining permits for departure at airports and is responsible for the technical condition of the liner;

Aviav TM Cofrance guarantees its customers the optimal combination of price and quality of services.

How much does it cost to rent an airplane

An hour of flight costs from 5,000 euros

Are you interested in renting a plane with a crew? The price depends on your route, the model of the selected vessel and the availability of additional services on board. Contact our operator and he will send you all the relevant offers with a detailed description of the aircraft and their age.

You must immediately indicate the points of departure and destination, dates and number of passengers, it is also desirable to inform why you need to rent a private plane: the cost of a business flight or celebration can vary significantly. The final amount will be announced by the AVIAVTM (Cofrance SARL) manager after you have discussed the details of the order.

It should be remembered that for such a service as renting a private plane, prices are always indicated for two flights, ie back and forth, and for the entire aircraft as a whole, not for each passenger. For example, the Kyiv-Cannes-Kyiv route for seven travelers on a comfortable business jet will cost 19,250 euros. An experienced consultant will answer all questions related to aircraft rental. Contact us at any time: we are always happy to welcome new customers!

Advantages of business aviation

The highest standards of customer service in the aviation business.
The geography of flights has been expanded.
A wide range of various additional services on board. In particular, clients have access to work in a mini-office in flight with the possibility of Internet access, conferences and talks, meals on an individually prepared menu, flight accompaniment by guide, animator, doctor, music and film screening in flight. All terms and conditions of renting a business jet are agreed in advance with a representative of the broker.

Ability to book a plane in business aviation even 3-4 hours before departure and, if necessary, change the passenger train.
Complete freedom to choose the date and time of flight, no need for business aviation to buy a plane ticket through an intermediary travel agency, change your plans due to delay or cancellation of the flight from the carrier or airport.
Opportunity to pass the accelerated passport control and wait for departure at the Sheremetyevo Business Aviation Center or other airport in comfortable conditions, without queues and crowds of tourists, as well as travel in the company of exceptionally nice people.

How to rent a plane business aviation?

The procedure for ordering an aircraft in Cofrance SARL is very simple.
You contact the company in any way convenient for you: by phone, through the application form on the site or by e-mail.
In a conversation with a broker’s consultant, you explain in as much detail as possible your wishes for the aircraft of business aviation, additional services on board.
Our specialist offers you the appropriate liner, and then confirms its availability in free access.
If you are satisfied with everything, you pay for the service in a non-cash way and go on a trip on the appointed day and hour.

Business aviation from Aviav TM is available: we offer aircraft rental at average market prices;
convenient: you can place an order as 24 / h;
fast: our specialists are real experts in their field, so your flight on a business jet will be organized as soon as possible.
Apply for the services of business aviation to a proven broker with an impeccable reputation, and you will notice how the quality of your life will change.

Happy aviatrip!

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