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Travel Advice
Your travel agent will be able to tell you if
there is any current advice for the country or countries to which you plan to travel.
Alternatively, you can access up to date information from the Foreign and Commonwealth
Office, Travel Advice Unit on CEEFAX, PRESTEL or via the INTERNET http://www.fco.gov.uk/.

You can check the weather at your destination by calling our Weather Hotline.

First Choice Travel Easy Cover
provides you with a useful pre-travel advice service, including information and visa
health requirements, weather conditions, currency matters local shopping hours and
national holidays.

Health Matters
General standards of health and safety in
other countries may differ from those in the UK. You should therefore exercise great care,
particularly with the choice of food or drink.

you require advice on recommended health precautions for your holiday destination
(remember health regulations are subject to change), you should contact your doctor at
least two months before departure. If you have a disability, please check with us before
you book that the holiday you have chosen is suitable for you. Help with wheel chairs is
available at most airports, but you must request it when you book.
See information for disabled

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Бизнес авиация

Health facilities, hygiene and disease risks vary
world-wide. You should take health advice about you specific needs as early as possible.
Sources of information include the Department of Health free leaflet “Health Advice
for Travellers” available from 0800 555 777, your general practitioner or a
specialist travel clinic.

Travel Documents
The information and advice given
here is valid for British Citizens only. Anyone who is not a British Citizen (this
includes citizens of British Dependent Territories, citizens who hold their citizenship by
virtue of a connection with Gibraltar, British subjects who have a right of abode in the
United Kingdom, and EC and other nationals) should consult the Embassy of the country of
destination, and the Home Office Immigration Department to check whether they require any
special documentation for the countries they are visiting or for return to the U.K. If you
are planning to visit Cyprus and have a Turkish Cypriot stamp in your passport, you should
contact the Consulate or the Cyprus High Commission as it may be necessary to have a
supplementary passport. Children of 16 years and over, and wives travelling alone must
have their own passport. It is important that the initials on your passport exactly match
those on your flight tickets. If you need to obtain a new passport you should do so in
good time. It normally takes about 4 weeks to obtain a passport by post, but this time may
vary depending upon which passport office you apply to and the time of year. The Passport Office gives further information on a
recorded message.

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At present no visas are necessary
for British Citizens to any of the European destinations except Turkey. The Turkish
Government are levying a Ј10 per person visa charge for British Nationals payable on
arrival in Turkey. This fee can only be paid with English notes. Cheques, cards, coins,
and Scottish notes are not accepted and no change is given. All other nationalities should
enquire direct to the Turkish Consulate at Rutland Lodge, Rutland Gardens, London SW1 1BW
or Tel 0990 210410. Clients travelling to Greece on a package holiday using a charter
flight may visit Turkey for the day but must not stay overnight. If you are not a British
Citizen you should contact your Embassy for information and advice on the passport and
visa requirements of the countries you propose to visit. A full 10 year British passport
is required valid for at least 6 months after you’ve returned to the UK.

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Note: It is your responsibility to have a valid passport
and appropriate visa for your holiday.

Travel Advice    Health Matters     Travel Documents     Holiday Safety Guide

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