Wedding dresses or wedding attire cannot be taken in the aircraft cabin due to space availability. No exceptions to this will be made.

It is recommended that all wedding attire is packed into a hard suitcase and clearly labelled ‘fragile’ and suitably insured.

Extra luggage allowance may be permitted. Please contact Flyjet Customer Services for more information.

Flyjet granted its World Wide AOC

Flyjet has successfully applied for and, on the 14 October 2003, been granted an extension to its Operating Area by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.
As a result, in addition to flights throughout Europe and the Canary Islands, Flyjet is able to operate Intercontinental services.
Its aircraft have already been seen in the Middle East and India

First flight to Nigeria

Flyjet operated its first flight to Nigeria when one of its Boeing 757 – 200 aircraft flew from London-Gatwick to Port Harcourt. The aircraft was scheduled to operate the service non stop, covering the distance of just under 3000 miles in a time of 6:40 minutes

Flyjet participates in Iraqi Hajj

Flyjet is one of several carriers participating in the movement of 30,000 pilgrims from Kuwait to Jeddah. The aircraft, crews and support staff are based in Kuwait and operate twice and three times daily services to Jeddah. The pilgrims have travelled from towns and villages in Iraqi to the border at Kuwait before being transferred to Kuwait airport for the 2 hour flight to Jeddah.

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Gruppe vehicle launch in Valencia

Flyjet has just completed a period of intense flying on behalf of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Gruppe. Over a period of some three weeks flights were operated from a number of European airports including Brussels, Copenhagen, Salzburg, Vienna, Hamburg and Cologne to and from Valencia.
The flights carried MAN dealers to test drive the new range of vehicles at the Race circuit in Valencia.