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Help for Disabled Passengers    Pre-bookable Seating    Extra Legroom Seats    Unaccompanied Minors    Expectant Mothers & Babies
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Help for Disabled Passengers
If you have a
disability, please check with us before you book that the holiday you have chosen is
suitable for you. Wheelchairs will travel in the aircraft hold and can be reclaimed in the
baggage claim area: you are strongly advised to ensure that your wheelchair is adequately
insured against damage or loss. Assistance in disembarking from the aircraft, and
transportation to baggage claim, is available at most airports, but you must request it
when you book your holiday.

Oxygen –
Passengers who will require supplementary oxygen must make arrangements directly with the
customer relations department. A charge will be made and a medical certificate to confirm
the passengers fitness to fly is also required.

Our B757 aircraft have aisle wheelchairs and our
cabin crew are specially trained to help passengers with special needs.

available for disabled passengers.

Pre-bookable Seating
We are happy to
pre-allocate seats to passengers with disabilities, medical conditions or those requiring
special assistance.

It is now possible to
book seats in advance enabling family and friends to sit together on flights. The charges
(listed below) will be added when booking your holiday, or you may arrange pre-booked
seats directly with Air 2000 (0870 757 2 757). It will not, however, be possible to
request specific seats and some seats will be allocated either side of the aisle.

Pre-booking your seat has the added advantage of
enabling you to check-in later with the knowledge that your
seats are reserved.

Exit rows can not be allocated to passengers who
have disabilities or serious medical conditions.

Group Seating

Shorthaul Adults
Ј 5

Shorthaul Children
Ј 2

Longhaul Adults
Ј 10

Longhaul Children
Ј 5

Prices shown are for a return journey.

Extra Legroom Seats
Seat rows located next
to emergency exits have considerably more legroom than other rows. These seats can now be
reserved on our Long or Shorthaul flights for a charge as listed below.

Exit rows can not be allocated to passengers who have
disabilities or serious medical conditions and Air 2000
reserve the right to move passengers if it is felt that they do not comply to CAA safety

Follow this link
for more about the ‘Classic
Premium’ service on our Boeing 767 long
haul flights.

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Extra Legroom

Shorthaul Adults
Ј 30

Longhaul Adults
Ј 60

Prices shown are for a return journey.

Unaccompanied Minors
Children aged 6 years
and over but under 12 may travel unaccompanied by prior arrangement with Air 2000 Customer Relations. Passenger of 12 years and over are
regarded as an adult and we do not expect them to require any special handling. Such
passengers are deemed suitable to escort younger children.

Expectant Mothers & Babies
We will accept
expectant mothers for flying up to the end of the 33rd week of pregnancy on the return
flight. After 28 weeks, prior notification of travel must be given to Air 2000. It may be possible for an expectant mother to travel
after that, but we must have prior notification of travel and a medical certificate
confirming the stage of pregnancy for the homeward flight and fitness to fly. All
expectant mothers should carry a medical certificate. Please note any restrictions on your
travel insurance policy.

Infants under 6
months must sit on an adult’s lap with a lap-strap provided for take-off and landing.
Infants over 6 months and under two years must sit on the adults lap unless there is a
vacant seat. The Civil Aviation Authority has accepted certain types of car seat for use
on British registered airlines for children aged from 6 months to under 3 years. The child
would require its own aircraft seat and would be charged at the appropriate child price.
Seats must be forward facing, rigid frame, 5 point harness, no wider than 16.5″ and
conform to BS standards. No liability is accepted for car seats which do not fit into the
aircraft seat. If you wish to use one of these approved car seats, further information is
available from customer services.

Note: The minimum age limit for
infants on all flights is two weeks on the date of departure.

Meals are not provided for infants, but the cabin
crew are happy to warm baby food if required.

Unless a seat has been purchased, an infant has
no baggage allowance. However collapsible pushchairs, buggies and nappies will be allowed
in addition to the parents allowance.

All our aircraft are equipped with baby changing

Бизнес авиация

Something for the KIDS!
Even a short journey
can seem long to children so we’ve come up with a kid’s pack. It’s specially designed to
keep active hands and minds occupied and entertained. For First Choice ‘Nippers’ &
‘Surf Seekers’ customers, a special in-flight magazine ‘Quiz Kids’ is available. Kids can
also tune in to a special audio channel designed just for them.

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Kids, why not print out
a picture of one of our 757’s. Colour it in and give it to one of the cabin crew when you
board the aircraft. Even better, do your own drawing to give to the crew.

click to print out
and colour

Please see our in-flight
entertainment page.

Special Meals
A meal or snack
is served on all flights. Special meals (vegan, diabetic, low
fat and gluten-free) may be ordered in advance at least two working days
prior to departure at no extra cost. Kosher meals, specially prepared, can also be ordered
at a cost of Ј10 per meal payable in advance.

Important – Customers who are allergic to certain foods
should advise the Customer Relations Department.

All vegetarian meals are prepared to vegan

Please note that Air 2000 does
not provide special child meals.

Make your specific meal request by calling
Customer Relations: 0870 757 2 757.

Please have your holiday and flight tickets at
hand when you call.

Why not celebrate a
birthday or anniversary with a bottle of champagne (full bottle Ј14.99, quarter bottle
Ј4.00) or surprise friends and relatives who you know are flying with us. Champagne may
be pre-ordered for all flights and should be requested by phone or fax providing credit
card details.

Additionally, why not order a
box of Thorntons’ Luxury Truffle Assortment at Ј4.99 or a super bag of Daim Bars at
Ј3.99 to enjoy during the film. Treat the kids to a bag of “Disney” Jelly
Babies at Ј4.95.

Please see our in-flight
entertainment page.

If we are pre-advised, we will carry a suitable
packed wedding dress and other important accessories in the hold free of charge. We
strongly advise you to take out separate insurance for these items.

Just call Customer Relations on 0870 757 2 757.

Fear of Flying Courses

people like the idea of a holiday abroad but don’t like the idea of flying. if this sounds
familiar then you can take comfort in knowing that it isn’t an uncommon feeling, and it
isn’t confined to any one particular age group. You can also take comfort in knowing that
there may be something that we at Air 2000 can do to
help you jet away to your dream holiday destination.

Air 2000 offers a very comprehensive Fear of Flying Course which
aims to help both the slightly nervous and the totally terrified would-be passenger.

With the help of our consultant
psychologist and specially trained pilots and cabin crew, we aim to equip you with a
clearer understanding of the psychological factors which can unsettle you, and offer
simple but effective techniques for overcoming theses anxieties. We also take time to
explain what goes on while you are flying and at the end of the course we take you on a
special short flight with the crew and our psychologist there to reassure you and answer
any further questions. On landing you will be congratulated on your achievement with a
champagne buffet.

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Please see this
related link: www.resultspr.co.uk/apw

For information and to reserve a
place on a course call: 0870
757 2 757

No Smoking Policy
In response to the
demand of the majority of our customers, and in common with all other charter airlines,
smoking is not permitted on most flights. Whilst we have sympathy for our passengers who
enjoy tobacco, we are sure you will appreciate the benefits of clearer, cleaner air in the
relatively confined space of an aircraft cabin. All our lavatories are fitted with
sensitive smoke detectors.

Alcohol Consumption
We hope you will relax
and enjoy your flight with a drink or two, but please be aware that customers are not
allowed to drink their own alcohol and that it is an offence to be drunk on board the
aircraft. Passengers who are drunk can be refused future flights including their return
flight home.

Flight Delays
Although most flights
depart on time there are unfortunately occasions when for reasons beyond our control a
flight is delayed. If your outbound or return flight is delayed we will do our best to
keep you informed and, depending on airport facilities, will provide light refreshments
for a delay of between 2 and 4 hours. If the delay is over 4 hours we will provide a meal
at meal times and if necessary (and possible) overnight accommodation.

Check with your travel insurance to see if you are covered
in respect of delayed flights. Also, see details of First Choice’s flight delay insurance.

Letters confirming flight delays for insurance
purposes may be obtained via the Customer Relations Department.

We value your comments.

Help for Disabled Passengers    Pre-bookable Seating    Extra Legroom Seats    Unaccompanied Minors    Expectant Mothers & Babies
Something for the KIDS!
Special Meals    Celebrations    Fear
of Flying Courses    No Smoking Policy
Alcohol Consumption
Flight Delays


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